Palabres Sans Frontieres

Why travel with us ?

Our offer for worker’s councils, groups, associations

By providing you the opportunity of telling us how you want your holiday programmed, we are able to offer you a tailor-made holiday package. We are able to take all your demands on board- organising holiday programmes for groups, individuals, families with young children or even still, special holiday programmes for youths ( it is possible to organise an ‘intercultural exchange’ summer trip)

Different kinds of activities based on the theme of fair tourism or interculturalism: Photo exhibitions, conferences on a variety of topics to choose from, projection of films produced in the host village. Refreshments are also served. These activities are a good way of detecting whether your employees are interested in this kind of tourism of not before making any commitments with us.

What are the advantages of getting involved in fair tourism?

It gives strengthens your commitments to promoting fair trade

It gives you the opportunity of becoming a major actor in bringing about sustainable development in the host communities

By offering your employees the opportunity of experiencing an authentic, fair and unforgettable holiday, you afford yourselves the opportunity of responding to the growing desire of tourists to to travel differently

Why travel with us?

Guaranteed Security: we assure our tourists of a warm welcome upon arrival in Senegal where a driver who will transport them to the host village will be waiting. The welcome team of Keur Samba Yacine will take over from the driver as soon they arrive the village. The tourists only have to put down their luggage and integrate themselves in the daily activities of the villagers who are more than happy to share their activities and tradition with them.

Rigour and Reliability: The entire project (fair touristic activities and sustainable development programmes) is elaborate and jointly run with the local communities and their representatives. This has been so since 2003. Palabres Sans Frontieres is supported by the Midi Pyrenees region, the departmental council of the Haute Garonne, Ministry of youth, sports and community life, Verdie Travels Tour operator ,Taveldif Tour operator etc.

Transparency: the association makes sure that it paints a clear picture of the servicesbefore going on the journeyprovided and it also creates awareness on what fair tourism entails. Satisfaction surveys are carried out after every trip.

Equity: Palabres sans Frontieres is committed to making sure that your trip contributes immensely to improving the lives of the villagers. 39% of the amount charged for this trip goes to different sectors (accommodation, feeding, the various activities) while 10% goes to the maintenance of the medical centre (the purchase of drugs and the salary of the nurse/midwife ). A management board ensures that funds received are equally distributed among those involved in fair tourism and also ensures that all funds received are invested in projects that are beneficial to everybody