Palabres Sans Frontieres

Travelling with Palabres, implies…

  • Taking out time to live like the people in a traditional village, appreciating the legendary hospitality of africans and their cheerful nature,
  • Respecting the local population, their culture and environment,
  • Travelling in small groups of 2 to 15 people and receiving a personalised and convivial welcome,
  • Participating in activities at one’s own pace and according to one’s interests which we make possible by listening to every tourist and by adopting a flexible programme,
  • A thorough reflection on the relationship between the North and the South which is provoked during the weekend workshop organised to prepare tourist before the trip and during visits of projects upon arrival in Senegal,
  • Contributing effectively to improving the lives of the locals: 10% of the amount charged for the trip goes to the maintenance of the medical centre. 39% is set aside for the services provided for the tourists (accommodation, feeding, activities) and other projects. A management board in the village ensures that funds received are equally distributed and used for the execution of projects that are beneficial to everybody.

Accommodation and Feeding


Accommodation: the tourists lodge in traditional huts with thatched roofs(double rooms with mosquito nets, dining room, shower cubicles and toilets inside and outside the huts). On the accommodation site, there is a big hut that can accommodate 10 tourists, two persons per room and a ‘family’ hut that can accommodate 5 people. The comfort provided is basic but commensurate with this type of trip. There is no electricity. Lighting is provided by the use of rechargeable lamps and a tap in the yard provides water. Buckets are needed to get water for bathing and going to the toilet.

Meals: All that is needed for breakfast are already provided in the huts. Dinner is prepared and served by a group of women in the guest lodge (huts), (the meals are prepared the western way). As for lunch, every tourist is invited to share a meal with a family throughout the period spent in the village: traditional meal (fish, rice, mango, etc.) and tea. The tourist can also participate in the daily activities of his/her host family: helping out in the kitchen, working in the farms, etc.

Fish Rize


Water: water jerry cans are provided in the huts during the first few days of your arrival after which you will have to buy yours. You can always refill your empty jerry cans with water every time you go to town in group or individually. You should also take along water purifiers before leaving for Senegal.

A Weekend of Preparation for the trip

The tourists will be invited to participate in a weekend of preparation where they will receive every necessary  information, meet other tourists going on the trip and get prepared for the trip (there will be a presentation on what the trip entails, the host village, moments to meet and discuss with other tourists and members of the association…). This weekend of preparation normally takes place in a rented apartment in Ariege and costs 85 Euros. Participating in this weekend of preparation is not mandatory, however, you are strongly advised to do so.