Palabres Sans Frontieres

Overcoming Sterotypes

“It is Uncomfortable”

Fair tourism is certainly not the same as luxury tourism, however one should not give room for confusion. All necessary conditions are met to ensure that the tourists are comfortable throughout their stay.

The tourists are lodged in traditional huts with thatched roofs specially built for them in Keur Samba Yacine village.The comfort provided is basic but commensurate with this type of trip.Their privacy is guaranteed as there are only two people in a room. A hut is reserved for families (a couple with 2 or 3 children. The ‘family hut’ is equipped with a dining room, two rooms (a double bed and 2 or 3 single beds) each with its own bathroom (toilet and shower which require the use of buckets). All the beds have mosquito nets. There is no electricity neither is there running water in the huts. However, there is a tap in the lodge that from which the tourists can get water whenever they need some (laundry, shower with the use of buckets, etc). There are a total of 4 shower cubicles and 5 toilets.

“It is Expensive”

It all depends on what is included in your stay. This trip is a 15 day stay with meals provided, excursions and different kind of activities are organized  inKeur Samba Yacine village and the region. Furthermore, by deciding to participate in this solidarity trip, you are supporting sustainable development projects in the destination in question. By travelling with Palabres Sans Frontieres, you are already aware that 49% of the fees paid goes directly to the village and is invested in projects that are beneficial to the entire village (the effective running of the Medical Centre, reforestation, renovation of schools, etc).

“It is not for me”

Our trips are practically for all age brackets. We advise parents to travel with children who are up to 5 years old. Families with children, retirees, youths, groups, individuals, etc. can all travel with us.

Our trips meet the expectations of a large number of tourists because it offers them the opportunity of discovering the country by staying close to the local population and their security guaranteed. It is a good compromise for those who do not wish to spend their holidays in hotel clubs but do not feel comfortable going on adventure alone.