Palabres Sans Frontieres

Our activities in France

Organising evening programmes on the theme of solidarity

Palabres Sans Frontieres sets aside two evenings to focus on the theme of solidarity at Calmont (Haute Garonne) and Ganac (Ariege) at least twice every year.A total of about 100 to 200 guests participate in this event. Participation is not free and the fee paid includes a Senegalese meal, an African music concert, a photo exhibition, a presentation of the association and a raffle draw to wins travel tickets to Senegal. Workshops on how to prepare African dishes and make-up are available in the afternoon for children and adults. They can also listen to African tales if they so wish.

All profits made from these events go to the management board of Keur Samba Yacine village (Senegal)


Public Awareness Actions

We do this by visiting different establishments (companies, schools, universities, associations etc) so as toorganise conferences on different topics. It could be during the day or in the evenings. Topics include: Intercultural exchange, Fair tourism, Sustainable development projects in Africa.

During the conferences, we make use of videos, PowerPoint presentations, photo exhibitions. Light refreshments may also be served.

Workers’ Council

This type of conference may help you have a better idea of  holiday destinations your employees prefer before choosing a holiday destination. Are they aware of what fair tourism is all about? Will they be interested in this kind of trip? If yes, on what conditions? What questions do they have on fair tourism?

Séjours solidaires et équitables au Sénégal - Palabres sans Frontières Séjours solidaires et équitables au Sénégal - Palabres sans Frontières Séjours solidaires et équitables au Sénégal - Palabres sans Frontières

An exposition: Games and the African child

We propose an exposition on the creativity of the African child where the following will be displayed:

  • About fifty toys made by children in Senegal, Burkina Faso and Mali from salvaged materials (wire, tyres, tin cans)
  • 21 panels (30 by 40 cm) presenting toys and the daily activities of Noaga, a little girl in the village whose life revolves around working on the farm, going to school and playing games
  • 10 booklets on the exposition with emphasis on the main panels and toys
  • An educational booklet for teachers and facilitators

BoubacarN’Diaye will also make a presentation specifically linked with the exposition. Through African tales, he will add more value to the exposition and make it more captivating to the young audience.

Music and Stories

BoubacarN’Diaye and the art of speech: “between Senegal and France, between yesterday and today”

BoubacarN’Diaye grew up in Senegal. Immersed in the world of storytelling, songs and poetry at an early age, he is a worthy heir of his ancestors, the memory of his people and the art of speech.


During every show, Boubacar addresses a general theme which he presents in various art forms, a huge part of the show is mainly improvised, interactive and inspired by the contributions of the public. Thus, each performance becomes a unique moment that binds the narrator and his audience.

The themes of previous shows:

  • la vie quotidienne, la vie et la floredans “De bouches à oreilles” (2003),
  • La morale ou la religion dans “Parole détournée” (2005),
  • Le souvenir dans “Fatalikututi” (2005),
  • La magie et les mystères de la vie et dans la mort dans “Les morts ne sont pas morts” (2006),
  • La paixdans “KiinKanLà?” (2006),
  • La vie et la rencontre dans “L’arbremémoire” (2008).

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